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YouTube TV Has Announced That They Will Be Getting Support For Picture-in-Picture On iPhone and iPad

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Google-owned video-streaming giant YouTube TV is finally getting support for picture-in-picture (PiP) on iPhone and iPad.

Talking to The Verge, YouTube chief product officer Neal Mohan said while he couldn’t share an exact date, picture-in-picture support on iOS should arrive “hopefully in the next few months” for YouTube TV users. The feature has been available to Android users for quite a while, but support for YouTube TV users on iOS is long overdue.

Meanwhile, YouTube TV is also working on expanding some other features that include surround sound, which was launched last year on a very limited subset of devices.

The report quoted Mohan as saying:

“The rollout of that feature has certainly been a lot slower than I would’ve liked. My hope though is, hopefully over the next six months, you start to see that in a lot more devices out there as they go through their various stages of software upgrade cycles,”

He did later note that the rollout would happen “gradually,” adding, “I think it’ll happen as these various devices roll out software updates.” Lastly, Mohan said that YouTube TV is getting an update to its interface. These new changes will specifically include updates to the library and guide, Mohan said.