Westport Big and Tall: Swim Collection


The winter months are the perfect time to begin thinking about those warm summer days spent relaxing by the pool or reading a good book on the warm sand at the beach. The biggest issue for taller and wider men is finding swimwear pieces that they can wear out to pool parties and picnics at the beach without feeling uncomfortable. Here at Westport Big and Tall, we have taken these concerns into account and have specially curated an entire collection of swimwear for the men out there whose body types don’t fit into the everyday mold of lean and slender. From well-known brands, such as Olukai, Swims, and North 56, the designers at Westport Big and Tall have made it an incredibly easy process for men to finally pick out and wear stylish swim pieces that will perfectly fit them during any water activity or outdoor celebration. Let’s take a closer look at the wide variety of swimwear pieces that are readily available for you to look at, choose, and wear here at Westport Big and Tall.

The Best Selling Swimwear Pieces For Bigger and Taller Men That You Can Only Find At Westport Big and Tall: 

–                     Westport Lifestyle Solid Stretch Swim Trunks 

Made from quick-drying and stretch-infused fabric, the incredibly versatile and comfortable Westport Lifestyle Sold Stretch Swim Trunks are the perfect piece for you to sport this upcoming summer season. With a variety of colors to choose from and a full elastic waistband that allows you to choose how much you want to be held in, these swim trunks are great for any type of summertime festivity, allowing you to be comfortable in any kind of swimming situation!

–                     Olukai Ohana Water-Resistant Sandals 

Olukai is regarded as Hawaii’s most well-known sandal brand, creating a perfect summer sandal that is both comfortable and incredibly well-made. These sandals feature a drop-in footbed, meaning that the shoe will mold to the wearer’s foot, creating an entirely personalized fit. If you have been searching for the perfect sandal to wear to your outdoor activities this upcoming, summer then this is the sandal for you!

–                     Peter Millar Gators Bait Print Stretch Swim Trunks 

If you have been looking for a pair of swim trunks that are both comfortable and stylish then you have come to the right place! The Peter Millar Gators Bait Stretch Swim Trunks feature a unique and distinctive pattern that will truly show off how fashionable you really are this summer. Made with quick-drying fabric and stretchy material, these are the perfect swim trunks to sport to any pool party, providing you with maximum comfort both inside and outside of the pool!

–                     Tommy Bahama Long Sleeve Surf Billboard Tee 

Are you ready to take on the chill that sometimes comes along with summer nights? The Tommy Bahama Surf Billboard Tee is the perfect long sleeve tee that will keep you from getting a chill after a long day of swimming in the cold water or laying out on the hot sand.