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5 Best Offline Quiz Apps in 2022

by James Musoba
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The Internet has made this easy and simple for us to enhance our knowledge. There are multiple sources that you can use and increase your general knowledge. However, smartphone technology is quite prominent among all these sources of information and education.

Smartphones have taken place of books. So, people are spending most of their time on these devices rather than books and so many other such things. Now it is a time of E-Books, PDF, Docs, and so on. Moreover, mobile applications have made education accessible for everyone.

Without these mobile applications, one cannot access the information that they want to acquire. So, there are hundreds of apps that are quite helpful for us to learn and educate ourselves. But it is hard to find the ones that actually offer value for the users.

In this article, I am going to share the 5 Best Offline Quiz Apps that you can use even in 2022. These are not only helpful for preparing yourself for quizzes but also to educate and enhance your knowledge. You can also learn about the KBC Offline Quiz where you will find more information about KBC.

Best Offline Quiz Apps to Prepare in 2022

You might have heard about so many quizzes and shows where people win cash rewards or gifts for participating. If you give correct answers in these quizzes, the authorities reward you and there are so many such programs and show such as KBC and more.

However, some of these quizzes are easy to answer while some are tough and you need to prepare yourself for them. It takes so much time for preparation such as KBC where you will be asked different kinds of questions that are related to politics, showbiz, history, science, and many more.

So, for such kinds of programs, you need to get prepared. There are hundreds of websites that you can use to learn and educate yourself about these topics. However, are supposed to go through scattered information to prepare yourself for these shows.

But is quite difficult to merge or grasp the knowledge that you have received from such sources. Sometimes you read more than enough and do not get better results. Therefore, there are certain points that you need to keep in your mind while preparing for these programs.

So, here are certain sites or apps that are specifically designed for these kinds of programs. These are available for smartphones or tablets. They are simple and easy-to-use apps where you are not supposed to put lots of effort. So, you will get the exact information for which you are looking.

Basically, I have gone through some of such apps and found them interesting. Therefore, I am going to share those with you and I will try to explain them precisely for you. So, that will make it easy for you to select the one that you are actually looking for. Let’s see the list of 5 Best Offline Quiz Apps in 2022.

Trivia Star

You might have heard about the Trivia Star which is one of the most famous apps. Basically, it is a kind of game where you are going to find multiple kinds of quizzes related to different topics. You can simply select any topic and you will find hundreds of quizzes in that field

It is a free app where you are supposed to play quizzes. To unlock various kinds of features and levels, you need to give correct answers. So, that is how you cannot only learn but also you can practice these quizzes.

Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack is another application that you can use on your mobile phone. It will provide hundreds of questions that are mostly based on problem-solving. But these are multiple-choice questions where you are supposed to select the correct answer for the question that you see on your phone’s screen.


If you are interested to solve tricky MCQs, then Jeopardy App is the best choice for you. It is a safe mobile application and you can use it for the preparation of quizzes. Even this application is helpful for those who want are interested to participate in the KBC, Amazon, and Flipkart quizzes.


There are so many apps that allow you to practice quizzes on multiple topics and Psych is one of them. The best part of this mobile application is that it is available for both Android and iOS. So, you can install it from the official app stores. Further, there are multiple topics that you can select.

Trivia 360

Most of these apps that I have shared with you are available for both Android and iOS. So, Trivia 360 is another application that you can use on either of the devices. Furthermore, there are so many topics that you can select and practice quizzes in the relevant topic.


These mobile applications are very useful for those who want to participate in different quizzes. Furthermore, these apps are helpful for users who want to boost their knowledge and learn new things. So, you can try them and enhance your GK.

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