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Ek Pyar Ka Nagma Hai an Iconic Song from Bollywood

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Throughout its long history, the proliferous Bollywood has produced masterpieces in various forms of entertainment. When we dwell on its long and bright legacy, there are many gems to cherish and treasure.

It has produced films that have garnered worldwide appreciation due to creativity, story, and acting performances by the aces. But the music is the aspect that has fans in every nook and corner transcending the language and geographical barriers.

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So today we are here to discuss one such gem that this industry gave to the lovers of music and poetry. It is none other than Ek Pyar Ka Nagma Hai song. A long-lasting hit soundtrack with a history and story of its own.

Why Ek Pyar Ka Nagma Hai Song is an Icon?

Ek Pyar Ka Nagma Hai lyrics have a charm, the charm of simplicity, the charm of a beautiful collage of words that convey a deep feeling, a philosophy to ponder upon, and a truth that is simple yet profound.

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In a single song, the writer has put so many gems in one piece of poetry that carry a worth weighable in gold. A heart-touching melody, the meaning of each word and phrase lingers in our minds and forces us to think over each one of them for days.

“In gaining you must lose something, in losing you must gain something,” Life is nothing but a barter, to gain something you have to give up on something else. So between two points in time, you shall steal a life worth remembering for yourself.

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When these words are uttered in a poetic way by the queen of melody Lata Mangeshkar with Mukesh how can it not become a hit? The duo Laxmikant Pyarelal composed soothing music for the track. The best minds of that time from Bollywood came together to produce this icon gem.

Who wrote the Song?

The great Santosh Anand wrote the song for the movie Shor in the year 1972. He called this track the favorite of his own works. This was the first title that got Anand nominated in Filmfare Awards in the Best Lyricist category in 1973.

Two years after starting his career from Purab Aur Paschim this was a feat that not many writers can achieve. Then four years into his career, Santosh Anand won the Filmfare award for the best lyricist.

What Makes this Track so Memorable?

The heart-touching song becomes memorable due to so many reasons. As we mentioned, the words are simple, the phrases are appealing and each one takes you deep into a world of its own. A composition that adds to this charming garland of words.

When we add the great singers to the list everything about this song feels perfect. The track was used as the theme song in the movie. Filmed on the Actors Manoj Kumar and Nanda, it gives nostalgic vibes to the viewer.

The endearing lyrics tell us that a perfect life is not possible, but to have a happy one we have to come to terms with whatever it brings for us. Talking about the relationships, it puts the two as essential for each other like the waves and the shore.

We go through many ups and downs in life, we have to face difficulties of all kinds. When a calamity is upon us, we must face it thinking it is just an ephemeral event in the long journey of life.


Ek Pyar Ka Nagma Hai song is one of the great treasures that Bollywood gifted us. From music to composition, to the voices and the lyrics, there is no aspect inferior to the other. A great partner for us, when we are feeling alone, or on a long journey away from our loved ones.

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