BMW Announces Acquisition of Alpina, Luxury Turner Brand


Alpina has been tuning BMW cars for the last 60 years, the two companies are finally joining hands under the BMW Group. If all goes to plan, the acquisition deal is expected to close in 2025.

Interestingly, Alpina started out as typewriter and textiles manufacturer back in the 1960’s before it began producing performance carburetors and crankshafts for BMW vehicles and later making racing cars. The partnership grew further to a point where Alpina gets chassis straight from BMW assembly line and modifies them. The tuning company pivoted from building racing cars into making luxury vehicles such as the Alpina XB7 which is essentially a modified BMW X7 SUV.

Alpina XB7 based on the BMW X7

From the moment of the acquisition announcement until December 31, 2025, BMW will continue to supply vehicles to Alpina for final manufacturing and modification. The two companies will be waiting for German antitrust and regulatory approval before closing the deal. During this time, Alpina’s service, parts and accessories business will also continue independent operation with existing staff.

BMW said, “The company owned by the Bovensiepen family will continue to use its engineering expertise in developing, manufacturing and selling BMW Alpina vehicles within the existing cooperation until the end of 2025.”

After 2025, Alpina staff will be offered new positions within the BMW Group and Alpina itself. However, trademarks and vehicle program will be terminated and incorporated into the BMW Group.

BMW cites the “transformation toward electromobility and increasing regulation worldwide” as potential risks for small-series manufacturers like Alpina, calling out “emissions legislation, software validation and requirements for driver assistance and monitoring systems” as hurdles the BMW Group will help the boutique brand to navigate.