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Jiji rebrands Cars45 to Jiji Cars across Africa

by Sam Wakoba
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Jiji, a general classifieds player in Africa, which acquired Cars45, the online car auction service, has announced that it is changing the Cars45 brand name to Jiji Cars in a bid to consolidate and strengthen Jiji’s positioning in the car dealership market.

The move came from the fact that car sales and inquiries are among the top five reasons people visit the Jiji site. Apart from real estate, the search for affordable cars constitutes a primary reason people visit the platform. n Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and several other markers across Africa. Last year, Jiji revamped its property section to ensure safety for all property buyers and drive incremental traffic and sales for property sellers in their platform.

According to Jiji Cars COO Maxim Makarchuk said,“ Since launching in 2014, Jiji has connected buyers to sellers in Nigeria and has helped facilitate the exchange of goods and services with ease and convenience. In eight years, Jiji has grown into a team of over 1000 people with 12+ million unique monthly visits, 4+ million active ads with a combined value worth $10 billion. Combining Jiji’s leading position with the Cars45 model brings to the market a new incredible story called Jiji Cars.
Our mission is to make the process of buying & selling cars fast, easy and secure through the digitalisation of automotive trading. As a result, every car seller can get the best price and immediate payment for his car on the same day he decided to sell it through a hassle-free and trusted selling process with Jiji Cars. On the other hand, every car buyer can use an inspection report based on 200+ factors to get a verified car to meet his expectations.”

Jiji Cars offers sellers prompt car sales services by giving good exposure to thousands of dealers who are willing to buy the cars on the same day. Also, sellers are assured of immediate payment following successful transactions. Compared to traditional methods of selling cars, Jiji Cars has a verified process for selling vehicles through online auctions to thousands of dealers. There is also the Jiji Cars Marketplace, where cars not sold during the auctions are posted for visibility to millions of buyers and an opportunity to sell faster, at  sellers preferred prices.

After Jiji took over OLX SSA from the Naspers Group as Walie Holdings, acquiring Cars45 was its next possible bet and Jiji didn’t disappoint. The firm took over Cars45 in Kenya, Ghana, and Nigeria to give auto buyers and sellers a new level of trade experience. During the purchase, Anton Volyansky, CEO and co-founder of Jiji said Jiji was “looking forward to creating a new advanced experience for Cars45 users. Undoubtedly, our collaboration on future products and services will bring additional value to the consumers. For Jiji, it’s the first bold step into the transactional business model and an important foundation for building the future of the company.”

The rebrand is a great initiative. For buyers, Jiji Cars offers a safe and trusted platform to buy verified cars. They make the transaction process easy by giving buyers access to thousands of verified cars. There is also the consumer financing option which enables buyers to purchase cars on a loan, with low interest rates and tenure up to 36 months. With this option, anyone can be a car owner.

Speaking on this new development, the CEO of Jiji, Anton Volianski, affirmed that the company is happy with Jiji Cars and looks forward to more outstanding achievements in the future.

“We have observed that people come on the platform looking to buy cars. They seek to avoid the high transactional costs from traditional car dealers and want fast and efficient transactions. Most times, they also want to meet one-on-one with the car sellers. With Jiji Cars, we handle car sales faster and more efficiently. We also deliver value for our buyers and sellers through our digitised processes, while working to become the recognized market leader,”  Volianski said.

Why Sell and Buy your cars through Jiji Cars?

This is exciting news for the online public and car enthusiasts as there is much confidence that Jiji Cars will improve and enhance the quality of car dealerships in Nigeria and in its other markets.

Jiji’s impeccable record in delivering efficient customer service has made the company a leader in the African e-commerce space. In time, we are sure that this equity will transfer to the new acquisition – Jiji Cars, which will become known as the Number one marketplace for buying and selling verified cars in Nigeria and Africa.

“Jiji Cars provides value and efficiency to customers. Sellers can sell their cars faster and get paid immediately, same day leveraging millions of buyers on the Jiji platform. Our processes are digitised to make buying and selling of cars fast, safe and easy for our customers. Buyers have access to thousands of verified cars on the platform, which have undergone inspection by 200+ parameters to confirm their true state. We also have inbuilt processes to protect buyers interests while ensuring that the sellers get commensurate value for their merchandise immediately. At Jiji Cars,there’s room for fair and easy negotiation between buyers and sellers. The platform is a one-stop-shop for all car sales and purchase services,” Jiji cars, Director of Africa Operations Jiji, Yuliy Shenfled said.

Jiji recently acquired Ghanaian-based classifieds site Tonaton in a consolidation move in Ghana adding to its leading market positions in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, with some 12 million users making up a monthly active base among all geographies.

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