Telkom’s Open Day Powered by T-Kash.


 On 15 March Tuesday 2022, at iLabAfrica, Strathmore university Telkom held their open day.

“We have been looking forward as the Telcom community to tell you what our plans are in 2022 and engage you in our telkom journey. Today you will hear from my telkom colleagues and more importantly will be hearing from you, I look forward to an engaging conversation where we will be able to come down and engage with the stakeholder community,” Mugo Kibati, the Chief Executive Officer exclaimed.

The CEO stated to the stakeholder community in the tech world their objective was to engage with them regularly.

Julius Cheptiony, Chief Strategy and Business Development Officer. said,” As as the digital space we have stories to tell. I want to thank all of you for coming to share your stories. There are many things we do as Telcom but only when we speak do you get to know what we do.”

He assured everyone in the room that, the opening was the first in the series when they get to bring the community together  

so that they can collaborate and share ideas. This way they will create a thrive in an open world together.

He explained that to them as the Telcom family, the journey was the boldness to act and courage to take decisions.

“We have come from somewhere, a place where quite a lot could be unimaginable. But because of colleagues in the room and some who are not here the courage to act, boldness and resilience continue to grow,” said Julius.

“The reason for the open day was because over a couple of months of engaging and repurposing the Telkom’s journey we have figured out to take the bold step to say there is no misery in readiness to partner we want to partner and get a thriving equity system to tell entrepreneurs to work together.”

The Telcom family called out for an exclusive partnership in digital financial services and mobile managing to work together.

The following is a highlight of the journey of Telekom technology company of the future.

  • The increased demand for data and broadband by corporates, the public sector, and the individual consumer was reinforced by the pandemic, leading to an accelerated digital transformation.
  • Telkom is already committed to better positioning our infrastructure asset base our terrestrial network and our submarine cable capacity to drive this digital transformation.
  • Creating a future smart landing hub for the majority of the submarine cables in the region as they continue to provide connection to all data entering and exiting Kenya.
  • The pandemic confirmed their strategic urgency to bridge the digital divide, to ensure equitable access to mobile internet a fundamental human right across all demographics through the upgrade and expansion of their mobile data network.
  • Giving customers more value through innovative products and solutions
  • To better demonstrate their brand values innovation by way of strategic partnerships.

In November 2021, Telcom announced a partnership with NEC XON and Ericsson to upgrade the network and also expand 4G capacity by adding 2,000 additional sites by 2023 for $100 million.

There will be more than 200 sites that will be live at the end of March 2022, largely concentrated in the coastal region moving inward to other areas across the country.

Telcom plans on incorporating the customer voice into product architecture to enhance the overall user experience.

In January 2022, T-Kash App was launched for beta testing. Offering simpler user journeys, similar to entertainment travel and banking Apps.

Focus Areas

  • Data investing in innovative technologies that will enable faster scaling of our network and services, realizing better experience.
  • Financial services. Telkom is enhancing its financial solutions offering to be reflective of current customer demands, concerning increased security, simplicity, and availability.

“Partnership is central to all we will be doing. We hope we can all coexist to solve all the problems bringing together the whole community to have a real conversation. Being a team sport we need integration across the tech world”, Julius said.

 “The future remains on all of us in this room. We appreciate the compliments and insights from both our partners and customers. And yes, Julius such conversations will be continued.” anchored George Mlaghui, the director of corporate communications.

The App is available on Google Play Store, Apple Store, and Huawei Store.