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Top 6 books you must read to know Bitcoin properly!

by Ronald Bwire
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Back in 2017, the industry of bitcoin itself increased its value from $1000 to nearly about $20,000. At that time, $20,000 was the highest price of bitcoin ever, and it led to the generation of people’s interest in these digital coins. Many investors were attracted to cryptocurrencies because they provided huge returns from bitcoin-prime.app/ . The cryptocurrencies like bitcoin only also dominated the news cycles. By the end of 2018, the total market capitalization of bitcoin increased to $238 billion, and then, a down face came back. By the beginning of 2020, the total cryptocurrency market value remained just half of what it was back in 2018.

So, you see that cryptocurrency space is just beyond your imagination and understanding. But still, the performance of the coin may not increase, but the cryptocurrency space increased a lot back in those years. After the popularity of bitcoin, many new start-ups and initial coin offerings came into existence. They were one of the most appealing modes of investment in the history of time. Yet, only a few people understand that bitcoins are entirely and how it works. If you are interested in understanding the cryptocurrency space, especially bitcoin, there are certain books we will tell you about to understand it.

Mastering bitcoins

This book was published back in 2014, and it was a handy book for understanding the concept of decentralizing crypto coins. This book was wholly based on the digital world and told people about the technology behind bitcoin. It’s out of the purpose of understanding virtual currency and its application in your daily life. Everyone who reads this book learned how cryptocurrency works and how bitcoin transactions occur. In addition, there were precise details about the underlying network operations of bitcoin, which was very helpful back in time. Also, an updated edition of this book was released in July 2013 with certain more developments.


It was a book founded by a cryptocurrency asset firm in 2017. This book told people about digital currencies and other commodities related to crypto coins. Apart from this, it also provided people with an understanding of the digital tokens they can use on the internet. It was straightforward to use, but there was a lot of information to explore in this book. In addition, there is a detailed history of the whole crypto industry given in this book for many investors to understand.

The book of Satoshi

The basic idea of publishing this book was to take a deep dive into the world of mysteries. The mystery discussed in this book was about the creator of bitcoin. The creator of bitcoin is very well known as Satoshi Nakamoto, but his identity is still not out in public. The book’s writer Phil champagne contained actual emails written and posted by Satoshi Nakamoto. It also included some technical bitcoin-related topics so that the whole mechanism of bitcoin could be easy to understand. Also, this book will discuss some possible economic potential of cryptocurrencies from a more comprehensive view of the understanding.


This book was published in 2017 October, and it was all related to investing, mining, and trading in digital currencies. However, the basic idea behind this book was not just bitcoin but other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin was not the center of attraction for this book, but other popular cryptocurrencies were discussed. It also included some new ideas like using bitcoins in daily life. If the reader is not much into the less popular crypto coins, everyone should read the ideal book.

Bitcoin from beginner to expert

General understanding of bitcoin for the beginner is fundamental. This book is suitable for everyone who is just a newcomer to the space of cryptocurrencies. This book provides details about bitcoin and investing in it and some basic understanding of Blockchain technology. The basic idea of giving details about Blockchain was to provide people with a supportive understanding of the whole mechanism.

Digital gold

Published in 2015, this book was also the holder of the financial Times business book of the year award. A little bit of investigation about the anonymous creator is given in this book, and it tells the early days story of bitcoins. Along with this, some central characters contributed to creating bitcoin. It also includes some South American and Asian millionaires.

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