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Guide for using a VPN for online casinos

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Although in most of the countries online gambling is legal, it might be difficult or even impossible in some countries, which place restrictions for websites or even ban online gambling. The motives of such decisions by different countries may vary. While one country has chosen to ban gambling because of social or political reasons, another might have done that because of religious purposes. The question is what shall people who are fond of gambling on the Internet do in such a case? Is it possible to bypass such blocks? And if the answer is – yes, is it legal?

Why is VPN so important for gamblers?

Some online casinos as well as online sports betting sites sometimes are geo-located. It means that a list of countries or states are blocked while others are accepted. However, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a great help in this situation, because VPN protects internet traffic and keeps their identities private, nobody can see it, including your internet service provider, governments or even hackers. What is more, using VPN will mask your IP address and replace it with the location of your choice. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

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VPS is mostly used for security reasons, so that nobody could see what you are browsing, downloading, chatting, etc. It is especially important to use when connecting to public hotspots, which cannot ensure the privacy of your connection. Also, VPN shields gamers from DDoS attacks and secures your personal information. But one of the major advantages is that VPN opens a wide box of possibilities. When using another location, you may buy cheaper flight tickets or other goods and go online gambling as well.

Why is VPN so important for gamblers? There are three major reasons: security, ability to create multiple accounts as well as to enter more gambling sites all around the world.

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VPN in online casinos. Is it legal?

For those who ask, whether gambling in online casinos is legal – there is no one answer. Each case is different, so you should check whether the use of VPN does not flout any laws when accessing gambling websites. It is important to note, that there is a big difference whether you enter a geo-blocked site, the website which is banned or the one which facilitates illegal activity. For example, if you try to use VPN in countries which have declared internet gambling as illegal, you might get into big trouble trying to do so.

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So, please, have in mind that VPN is not meant for fraud. And if you are taking the risk to break the local or national laws, you must understand that you may have to take responsibility for this. But if you have done the research about the country’s laws and you are absolutely sure that it allows online gambling, then go ahead!

How may I use VPN?

In order to use VPN, you should select a suitable VPN provider. Once you choose the one that best suits your needs, you will have unrestricted access to its services. All you have to do is just to clear your cookies, open the VPN app and select a VPN server location. Before choosing a VPN provider, it is advisable to pay attention to how many and what kind of servers it can offer you.

Why is it important? Because if you choose a VPN provider that does not have a server in the country from which the gaming site welcomes visitors, you just simply will not access it in the same way as you do from your own country. So, you may lose a certain amount of money spent on VPN provider services and fail to achieve the goal you had.

However, if you do careful research in advance from which countries visitors are admitted to the casinos you want to enter, then you will not have to face this problem. For example, Roobet casino, which offers nearly 1,000 games and operates only with Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrencies, focuses on a few gambling regions in Europe, New Zealand, Australia and Canada. If you want to make sure that you will be able to get in, please, check this list for reliable VPNs for Roobet.

Meanwhile, if you are interested in joining other gaming platforms, find out which countries they receive visitors from or which VPN providers would be the best choice for those who want to join the game there. This will save you not only money but also a significant amount of your precious time.

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