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Download Instagram++ for iOS – With CokernutX Store

by Ronald Bwire
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It is regardless of how popular Instagram is being popular among people these days. It has become one of the most popular and widely used social media applications across the globe these days. Right from sharing one’s life to promoting business, the application does come up with a wide range of opportunities and facilities for millions of users across there. It is one of the most essential tools for this generation that have made it quite easier for everyone now to meet up with a large audience conveniently.

Despite having a lot of facilities, Instagram still has some restrictions that block one’s way to access. To resolve these issues, developers have developed a tweaked version of Instagram named Instagram++. The platform is not only being quite easier, favorable, and convenient to use. But in fact, it also comes up with a wide range of features that surely the basic version doesn’t include.

How to Install Instagram++ on iOS from the CokernutX App?

CokernutX is one of the leading third-party app stores that offer users seamless access to a vast range of tweaked apps and games. All of the applications provided here are free and don’t require any jailbreak process to get into your iOS device. For enabling successful access here, the things you have to do are:

  • Open your Safari web browser and then search for the CokernutX app store over here.
  • Select the preferable link for installing CokernutX on your iOS device.
  • Now navigate to the download page and then tap on the Install button to enable successful installation.
  • Once done now go to the Settings option of your device and then select Profile & Device Management button from there.
  • Turn on the Trust CokernutX option.
  • Now launch the CokernutX option on your iOS device and then go to its search bar.
  • Search for Instagram++ in the search bar and from the given results just tap on the reliable link to Instagram++.
  • You next have to tap on the Get/Install button to go further with the process.
  • Tap on the Install button on the popup.
  • In case you are having original Instagram on your device, you will be asked to uninstall it.
  • Once done, you will proceed with the installation of Instagram++ on your device.
  • Monitor the installation process and once done, trust the profile of Instagram++.

Features of Instagram++

Instagram++ is the hacked version of Instagram that is being integrated with a wide range of features making it the best in the league. It is a wonderful social media application that provides users features like:

  • It offers sixers the freedom of hiding their comments in full feed view.
  • It offers users the freedom of spoofing followers without making many efforts.
  • Users here can easily hide their bio info in profile view.
  • It offers users the freedom of disabling stories quite conveniently.
  • You can now easily keep a password for the application without any issues.
  • It offers users the freedom of disabling read receipts on DM and showing captions during zoom.
  • Users can easily opt for a full-screen view and full-size images for profile pictures as well.
  • Instagram++ provides timestamps in full under the posts in customized formats.
  • It offers users the freedom of selecting from a full feed or thumbnail view for each feed conveniently.
  • Sixers can now easily apply high-quality thumbnails for the photos they post on here.
  • Users can now easily long hold the images for zooming in.
  • Users can here easily download their preferable photos and videos to the camera roll without any issues.
  • Users can easily mark stories manually as seen.
  • It offers users the facility of hiding sponsored or suggested posts from the timeline.

How to Use Instagram++?

Once you have installed this wonderful application on your iOS device, you can simply follow up on the instructions provided to make the access easier. Usage is the same as that of the one with Instagram itself.


Can I use Instagram++ for checking private accounts?

No. Instagram surely does come up with some advanced features but it doesn’t include the facility of viewing private accounts.

Is Instagram++ is provided by the developers of Instagram?

Surely not. It is a tweaked app that includes additional features from the conventional Instagram app.

Can we use Instagram++ on Android as well?

No. As for now, the application is only available on iOS devices.

Is Instagram++ Free?

Absolutely yes. Instagram++ doesn’t include any direct or hidden charges.


So, Guys! It’s all about the installation of Instagram++ on iOS with the CokernutX app store. It is a wonderful combination that makes it easier for the users to enjoy unlimited fun with the Instagram app without jailbreaking it.


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