Here is Samsung’s 2022 Consumer Electronics Lineup


Samsung yesterday unveiled a number of products for its 2022 Consumer Electronics Lineup including an array of Neo QLED 8K, soundbars, accessories, and sustainability efforts, which was streamed live on the company’s social media accounts to fans all over the world. 

Samsung’s 2022 portfolio was created with the goal of “Screens Everywhere, Screens for All,” with televisions at the heart of users’ homes and daily lives. The 2022 Neo QLED 8K has been improved to improve the viewing experience on large screens. The Neural Quantum Processor 8K is at the heart of the system. The latest processor contains 20 distinct neural AI networks, each of which analyzes the properties of the content and picture quality for optimal viewing, independently of the source.

The Neural Quantum Processor 8K also powers a new technological innovation – Real Depth Enhancer. This scans the screen and maximizes contrast with the background by enhancing the object while keeping the background unprocessed. It works similarly to the way human eyes perceive images in real life so the object on screen stands out against the background.

The processor, combined with the powerful Quantum Mini LEDs, creates lighting that is precise and controlled so bright areas stay bright and the dark space around it stays dark – a feature we have dubbed Shape Adaptive Light Control. For example, the full moon will stay bright against the black night sky.

Samsung’s all-new 2022 QLED received the world’s first ‘Pantone Validated’ certification in the display from Pantone, the global authority on color and creator of the Pantone Matching System (PMS) – meaning the models authentically reproduce more than 2,000 colors as well as the newly added 110 skin tone shades found in Pantone’s guidelines. 

 The new EyeComfort Mode feature uses AI technology to automatically adjust the brightness and color temperature of the screen based on how light or dark the room is combined with the sunset/sunrise information to optimize the most comfortable viewing experience. The AI in the Neural Quantum Processor 8K analyzes what’s on-screen in real-time, allowing the Adaptive Sound features to track and move between speakers to exactly follow the movement on-screen.

In QN900B, a flagship Neo QLED 8K model, all the sounds come from a 90W 6.2.4 channel audio system, featuring new top channel speakers and Dolby Atmos with Object Tracking Sound Pro. This technology has also been applied to voice recognition with Voice Tracking Sound, so that sound effects and voices truly follow the movement across the screen.

Samsung is also introducing Wireless Dolby Atmos to its Neo QLED 4K and 8K TVs– this means pristine audio quality without the clutter of HDMI cables. Wireless Dolby Atmos will also be applied to Samsung’s new 2022 Ultra Slim Soundbar, designed for an immersive audio experience from a more aesthetically minimal setup.

The 2022 collection is equipped with new and smarter technologies and user interfaces to offer a smooth experience, allowing Samsung TVs and screens to become the focal hub for watching content, controlling gadgets, playing games, working out, and more. The New Smart Hub powered by Tizen combines all aspects of the smart experience into a single, easy-to-navigate home screen. For a more seamless user experience, the new tab divides functions, settings, and content into three categories: Media, Gaming Hub, and Ambient.

In addition, the solar cell remote has been upgraded for 2022. Its efficiency is 88 percent higher than prior 2020 versions. They are now battery-free and can be charged via 2.4GHz Radio Frequency Harvesting, which draws power from Wi-Fi networks’ unused energy.

Recycled resin is used in Samsung’s 2022 TVs, monitors, digital signs, and remote controllers. High-resolution monitors, for example, are made from recycled resin collected from ocean-bound plastic in coastal locations that would otherwise have become marine hazardous trash. The Carbon Trust has awarded Samsung’s Neo QLED 8K/4K the ‘Reducing CO2’ designation, indicating that the Neo QLED lineup’s carbon impact is shrinking year over year.

When it comes to televisions, the Slim Fit Wall Install allows you to flush mount your TV against the wall while also allowing you to swivel it up, down, and sideways for the optimal viewing angle no matter where you are seated. If you prefer a TV stand, the Studio Stand is a unique and attractive way to showcase the Neo QLED 8K artistically. The Sero’s rotational capabilities are now extended to the Neo QLED 8K with the new attachment. Auto Rotation expands the reach of mobile experiences, portrait art to the full screen, and MultiView experiences to new layouts. It can be used as a stand or a wall mount to ensure that whatever is on the screen fills the entire screen for the best viewing experience.