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Most Popular Kenyan Influencers On TikTok

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Since the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, a lot of us turned to Tiktok as a source of entertainment, and from this, a lot of Kenyan Tiktokers have become popular on the platform. Well knowing this, here are some of the most popular Kenyan influencers on Tiktok;

1. Azziad Nasenya

Known for her stellar dance moves, charismatic smile, and open personality Azziad has risen to fame from her viral Utawezana dance video that she posted during the lockdown in 2020. Since then Azziad has stuck to our screens as she has been in multiple advertisements as well as Tv shows. Currently, she has a large following of 1.8 million on Tiktok as well as 24.6 million collective likes. 

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2. Vick Brandon

Vick can be said to be one of the funniest Kenyan Tiktokers on the platform. He has brought many smiles with his numerous comedic videos. Vick takes the lead as the most followed Kenyan Tiktoker with a following of 2.7 million and collective likes of 33.2 million. 

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3. Swiry Nyar Kano

She is well known for her videos about Africa as a whole and is also known as the voice of Africa. She addresses many items about African culture and traditions as well as talks about current affairs as per requested by her fans. She has a following of 888.6 K followers as well as a collective 10.6 million likes.

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4. Flaqoraz

Flaqo is well known for his hilarious videos which he posts online. He was well known before Tiktok took off and posted his comedy on Instagram and YouTube where his videos became popular. Flaqo posts relatable content about the typical African family and plays all roles very well. He has a following of653.8K followers and 7.2 million collective likes.

5. Mr mbilimbili

He is known for his very funny videos which comprise creative skits. He is just hilarious and creates videos that make his audience die of laughter. He has a following of 660.3K followers and collective likes of 5.2 million.

6. Flirty Carlos

Flirty Carlos calls himself the Award-winning male dancer of the year. And once you visit his Tiktok account you can see why. He certainly has moves and also a large following of 649.8 K followers and collective likes of 13.1 million to back this statement up. 

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