How to Enhance Your Audio-Visual Content Globally


A beautiful, memorable voice-over is a powerful tool for creating content. It enhances the effect of video perception and makes the story more intense. Unfortunately, sometimes content creators overlook this. Instead, they focus only on the story and visuals. Voquent is an opportunity to get the perfect voice for your project.

A huge database of voices will help you choose a voice actor of any age, with any tone of voice. If you want to make quality content, the importance of contacting a voice-over company is hard to overestimate.

Ordering voices from our extensive voice-over database saves time and resources. Our helpful filter system makes browsing voices easy, with demo samples based on your project’s requirements. Renting a studio, negotiating with an announcer, recording control, and personal presence isn’t necessary. Our team solves all organizational issues with professional management.

Dubbing voices

The success of professional dubbing depends on many parameters. The primary role here is the cast, who must have solid experience. Dubbing will allow your audio-visual content to be understood and enjoyed on a global scale, in multiple languages. You need to know how to masterfully manage the talent with an accurate brief, depending on the emotions that need to be conveyed. This is not easy but is essential to replicating the character in another language. That is why the casting is carried out very carefully. After all, the success of your project is at stake.

Imposing background music and special effects are also essential for quality voice acting. Music can be light, cheerful, heavy, or sad – it all depends on the circumstances and the characteristics of the idea. It is also essential to comply with timing – the length of the dubbed phrase should fully coincide with the original text. With Voquent, this is handled by professional audio engineers, so a quality time sync is guaranteed.



We make your audio-visual content exciting and accessible. With us, you can choose an actor for a project of any complexity. The voice content is in almost all languages and accents. In addition, Voquent offers free online access to pre-approved demos, remote project management, and professional voice-over specialists.


Get professional voice-over at a price you’re happy with. We have actors of different experience levels in our database, who charge different amounts. Choose the variant you like, the correct language, the best price for the services, and leave a request.


With our help, you can make your content available worldwide with fast and easy casting. In addition, we can create subtitles and translate the voice-over into any language. This way, you can attract new audiences, enter new markets, and achieve your goals.

The importance of addressing a voice-over company

  • subtitling
  • sign solutions
  • audio editing
  • translations

We provide services in different languages. Our agency replaces long castings with short demonstrations to facilitate the voice-over process. In addition, we use only professional translators. As a result, Voquent is guaranteed high-quality dubbing and voice-over for videos of any complexity.

We recommend contacting our company for professional dubbing, voice-over, translation, and accessibility services for your audio-visual content. Shortlist your favourites for a quote today.