Microsoft: There are plans to release a new update for windows 11 signed as Sun Valley 3


Microsoft seems determined to bring out the true power of its latest Operating System, Windows 11. As of the writing of this piece of Publication, there are plans all ready to release its awaited significant update. This indicates that the  Tech behemoth has better plans for its users in the coming days.

While many users continue to install windows 11 on PCs and Laptops, the firm is making an effort to push out a set of new novelties in the coming days to windows 11. Even though the much-talked update codenamed Sun Valley 2 has not yet been implemented, a new update dubbed “Sun Valley 3” is now the latest trend.

An Operating system that treats itself

Expected for 2022, Sun Valley 2 will be the first major update of Windows 11. While the latest version of Windows was officially rolled out last October, the operating system is particularly taking its time before expanding to a maximum of devices.

However, Microsoft has spared no effort to fill the gaps in Windows 11. And with the arrival of tabs in the file explorer or an interface that should experience some changes, Windows 11 should see the first revival of interest, primarily through the Sun Valley 2 update.

What is new?

According to the latest information seen on the web, the firm has displayed some data that lets us guess about the existence of Sun Valley 3. During a recent broadcast by Microsoft, it was possible to see  Teams meeting in which a PowerPoint document bearing the name “SV3 Refined Investments Next Steps” was displayed. In this case, SV3 is the initials of the much anticipated Sun Valley 3.

Sun Valley 3 will bring a.ot of new changes that have never been seen in windows 11. As a reminder, Sun Valley 2 has not yet been rolled out, but at least rumors are that it will land before the year ends.

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