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Luxury Safari Market growing in Kenya

by James Musoba
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It was announced at the beginning of April, that one of the largest hotel chains was entering into the market of luxury safaris. This is an important economic news for the country, as it will create more jobs in the field. The safari is an important touristic activity, and luxury hotels attract clients that tend to spend more than average. Here is more on the development.

Safaris: Key to Luxury Tourism in African Countries

Safaris have been a part of the economy in Africa for a long time now. But as the luxury market keeps growing, it is good to see that Kenya is able to establish itself, in this specific part of the tourism industry. It attracts very different individuals, including professionals that come to make documentaries on the wild life. The advance of technology has also helped, with the development of the time lapse camera, as an example, which lets professionals and amateurs take multiple photos, over many hours and days, enabling them to capture the movement of the wild life that passes by.

It is probable that the owners of the Marriott Group had that in mind, when they decided to open their first luxury safari lodge in Kenya’s Masai National Reserve. They announced that their property, the JW Marriott Masai Mara Lodge, will open a year from now, in 2023. To be able to develop this project, the hotel chain collaborated with Baraka Lodges Ltd. It will be built with the idea of the conservation of wild life, and to celebrate the natural surroundings where the lodge will be raised from the ground. The inspiration for the hotel will be the four elements (earth, wind, fire and water), while placing an emphasis on earth tones in terms of colours, and using natural materials, as designed by Kristina Zanic.

Additional Jobs and Great Visibility Around the World

This new opening of a luxury lodge is set to create about 50 new jobs, inside the structure. However, it will also help other industries and companies, such as tour operators, restaurants, shops, etc. from the Masai community. As the hotel welcomes adventure travellers, as well as families, it also enables the country to be seen and talked about, around the world. The objective of the hotel chain is to create a retreat where visitors will be able to rest their mind, body and soul. This will then be related in the stories, that tourists will bring back to their home, enticing more visitors to come to Kenya, but also to Africa, globally.

The chief development officer in Europe, for Marriott International, Jerome Briet, said that travellers today are looking for a more experiential kind of tourism. He believes that this makes Kenya, and Africa a great destination for them, as it permits visitors to live something unique, that they could not do in their own country. He also said that travellers will be reminded to be mindful of nature around them, as it is meant to be enjoyed, but respected at the same time. This immersion into the wild life certainly promises guests to have an adventure of a life time.

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