YouTube extends the ‘Super thanks feature’ to more counties for viewers to tip content creators.


YouTube Super thanks feature, which has been in beta since 2021, intends to increase the platform’s revenue for creators. Super Thanks allows fans to tip producers directly on Videos for amounts ranging from $2 to $50.

Users will be able to purchase a fun animation called a Super thanks on the video page to tip creators. South Africa and Uganda are two of the 68 countries that have received the feature.

According to youtube, “Viewers can buy a fun animation called Super Thanks on a video page. The one-time animation will be shown only to the purchaser over the top of the video. As a bonus, purchasers will also get to post a distinct, colorful, and customizable comment in the video’s comments section.”

Users can use the Super thanks option in addition to the Super chat feature, which allows Livestream audience members to pay to have their comments pinned on the live chat page. Super stickers also allow live stream viewers to tip creators by purchasing cartoon character stickers.

Content creators profit from ads that appear on their YouTube videos. However, the revenue is split with the internet giant, and it can be unpredictable in the event that advertisers drop out or the company is involved in a controversy.

Tipping allows creators to receive money directly from their followers who wish to express their appreciation for their work.