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Apple iPad keyboard: You may switch from iPadOS to macOS

by Joseph Richard
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Lately, much has been behind closed doors on the Cupertino brand. So far, an iPad keyboard has been the subject that has been on every iPad user. The device has the effect of switching the user interface from tablet to apple.

Concerning the above information, Apple has decided to open about it and mentioned an Apple-signed patent for an iPad keyboard. The gadget is a bit more complicated than a standard Magic Keyboard. Above all, it changes the iPad’s user interface to make it more similar to Mac OS X.

Nonetheless, the approach described in the patent of the day would undoubtedly appeal to specific consumers. It depicts an iPad attempting to connect to a keyboard with a hinge. The iPad’s interface gets transformed into something that looks a lot like macOS due to this assembly.

This keyboard would expand the tablet’s capabilities for iPad users by providing additional flexibility via many modes of operation. Furthermore, according to the patent, the hinge may attach other peripherals, such as a video projector.

As always, Apple has always been so secretive about its all Products starting with its famous iPhones to this new iPad Keyboard. If our memory served us very well, back in 2018, Apple Boss Tim Cook claimed that the company’s concept did not include such items. He categorically said that he does not see a MacBook and an iPad merging. This patent shows that Apple’s viewpoint may be reconsidered in the future.

In terms of the UI, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman recently claimed that Apple was working on a three-mode iPadOS Pro design. The first would be a regular touch mode like the now popular one. The second, optimized for usage with an Apple Pencil, would make the UI more user-friendly. Finally, a third “Pro” mode would activate when utilizing an external keyboard or monitor.

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