Sunday, July 3, 2022
Sunday, July 3, 2022
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Boston Dynamics: The robot dog does more than what it was created for

by Joseph Richard
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We have already covered the Boston dog dynamics on this website. This time, the prominent brand has introduced another prestigious component of its Robot dog in a viral video.

The robot has already been evaluated for use in the army and law enforcement organizations. It is also capable of doing several jobs in an industrial setting. In addition, the robot is outfitted with five cameras that can now provide color pictures. This device might aid in mapping the world in 3D and capturing tiny subtleties.

The robot also contains an NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX module, a six-core ARM CPU, and a dedicated GPU for processing AI. It also has 5GE, which makes data sharing more convenient. It will be possible to construct a connection area of up to 60,000 m2 using the Rajant Kinetic Mesh radio kit, which comprises three autonomous mesh radios.

Watch the video down below to understand its mechanics

A new 8-inch Samsung tablet with an 8-hour battery life will be given to the robot controllers. Users of the articulating Arm Spot, which enables you to hold and even lift objects, will get a more handy tablet with a joystick and buttons.

The robot might go to difficult environments for people, such as radioactive locations or natural disaster zones. It may, for example, aid in the hunt for human people. As new features are introduced, Boston Dynamics should provide additional utilities.

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