On Android devices sharing files has become a lot simpler


Google will develop its Android AirDrop counterpart by drawing even more influence from Apple. Thanks to a simple upgrade, Android users will now be able to share their files more effortlessly.

There is a modification for Android file transfer. Google will upgrade its Android operating system through the Play Store and Services for all devices running the operating system, as it does every month.

The May 2022 patch has been released, including a small surprise. Starting this month, the rival feature of AirDrop, Nearby Distribute, will make it easier to share files across various Android terminals.

Communication between devices will be made much easier. It will no longer be essential to approve each file, as is done at Apple personally. A little function that should considerably simplify the lives of people who utilize it.

The Google Play Services and the Play Store will be updated to version 22.15 and 30.3, respectively. The upgrades will be progressively carried out in the next days and weeks.