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Apple will compensate iPhone 4S customers in the United States who are running iOS 9

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Many iPhone 4S users upgraded to iOS 9 a couple of years ago. Many of them were enraged when they saw an iPhone that had become almost useless. Along with the iPhone 6S, the brand released the all-new iOS 9 in 2015. These old slayers were designed for various iPhones at the time, including the iPhone 4S.

 On the other hand, many consumers rapidly regretted their decision to upgrade to iOS 9. Some even suspected Apple of deliberately degrading the performance of their iPhone 4S with the latest OS. In the United States, a class-action lawsuit was filed.

Apple has now agreed to settle the lawsuit, allowing the plaintiffs to receive cash compensation from the company. Apple might pay up to $ 20 million in total, split among the claimants, each of whom would be entitled to $ 15 in damages.

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Those affected will be required to make an official declaration on a designated website. As of the writing of this Article, the latest OS, “iOS 15” from Apple, already supports older iPhones. The OS may therefore be loaded on the most current models and the older iPhone 6S, which was released in 2015 under the name iOS 9.

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