Emblem logos: what they are and where to apply them


The emblem is a conditional image of a concept, idea (from Greek – “relief decoration”). Those emblems that we saw with you – and most often these are the emblems of sports clubs, military branches, universities and faculties – heaped up with graphic elements. Complex details, several colors – all this saturation is typical for the emblem, not for the logo or brand name. In this article, you will learn how to choose the right logo for your brand.

What is an emblem

The emblem is a symbolic illustration not for sale

If the logo and the sign are still in contact, then the emblem is a completely different “planet”. The name is translated from Greek as “relief decoration” and it is used to symbolically illustrate the idea of ​​the organization.

Often they are used to refer to sports teams, clubs, faculties, universities. Often these are graphic symbols piled up with various details with a combination of several shades. Such “overcrowding” is normal for an emblem, but completely unacceptable for signs and logos.

How is a logo different from an emblem? The graphic difference is that the first one does not have to have a deep meaning, and most importantly, to become recognizable and memorable, then the emblem can afford a large palette of colors, images and other elements in order to express the meaning because of which it was created. In addition, they have different tasks: the logo identifies your company, product, service, and the emblem symbolizes the idea of ​​various structures and associations.

Emblem Design Tips

First of all, you can ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does our company logo reflect the image of our business?
  • Is the logo consistent with its goals and objectives?
  • And in general, does the chosen image, style and logo influence the activity and development of the company?
  • If so, how and what is the regularity in this?

What comes into our field of vision sends certain signals to our subconscious. As a result, the logo will be perceived emotionally, and then from the point of view of aesthetics.

You will probably agree that an important element in a logo is its shape. Because you will be using it in different media and the logo needs to be recognizable regardless of its color and style. The shape of the company logo is like a vessel in which information is delivered to the outside world.

You can communicate your message most effectively to the world around you by using the shape and style of the logo that matches the image of the company as closely as possible. Now we will look at several typical shapes that can form the basis of emblems and company logos.


Author: Tamara Radke

The square is a figure that reflects hardness and stamina. By using a square in the logo, the firm communicates that it is trustworthy while being stable and durable. A company seeking to show that it can be relied upon, that it always fulfills its obligations and promises clearly and on time, can use a square to emphasize its reliability. The square is recommended for representatives of professions related to construction, vehicles or other technical equipment.


Author: AT Logography

For companies where creativity occupies a central and special place, the triangular shape of the logo emphasizes that the company is ready to cultivate new ideas and projects, and that it is ready to face life’s difficulties and obstacles without fear. The triangular shape does not evoke a sense of security, and it is advisable to avoid it in the logos of firms involved in treatment and provision of any kind of assistance. The triangle is associated with the movement of thoughts, but not the soul.

A circle

Author: Sazzad Hosen

For those who are connected with the world of ideas, scientific developments, research activities or mental activities of a different nature. The use of a round shape in a logo can emphasize the intensity of intellectual activity. A person looking at a circle cannot find a point to fix his gaze.

Thus, it continues to follow the shape of the circle again and again, as if unwinding a ball, drawing out new thoughts and ideas with each turn. The shape of the circle is also associated with protection, it surrounds and protects what is inside the circle. Of course, any project enclosed in a circle will be successful.


Author: Abdullah Mubin

In order to draw a curve, it does not require much attention and concentration; the subconscious perceives such forms in different ways. Curved lines help relieve tension and give the emblem airiness and lightness. The emblem, which includes wavy lines, is recommended for healing professions, as well as specialties related to care and concern. In human surroundings, curved lines are much more common than straight lines, so they are associated with friendship and trust.


Author: Awoga Ranger

The rectangular shape is associated with the processes of growth and development. If the main tasks of the company include the dissemination of ideas, then this form of logos is ideal for you. Readiness for change and expansion, the desire to constantly develop and progress, this form perfectly expresses this approach to business. The horizontal rectangle evokes a sense of security and stability. A rectangle placed vertically gives the impression of great prospects and development.

We hope that the advice we have provided will help you make the right choice. We wish you good luck in promoting your brand!