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Thursday, June 30, 2022
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Casino Facts You Probably Never Heard

by James Musoba
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There are plenty of interesting facts about casinos that you probably never knew. For instance, did you know that mobsters built the first casino in Las Vegas? Or that the largest casino in the world is located in Macau?

Here are some other fascinating facts about casinos that you might not be aware of:

1.  Casinos use thousands of cameras to keep an eye on all their guests.

Truth is said, cameras cover every inch of the casino. Cameras monitor the goings-on of the whole operation, from the blackjack tables to the slots to even the parking lot. You can help feel paranoid about every move you make. Some patrons have even claimed to feel the eyes on their backs.

However, what you have to take into account is human error. The staff are human beings and cannot watch every scenario simultaneously. Some players have gotten away with several illegal moves (not that we are recommending any!).

All footage from these units is saved and available because video goes digital these days – but there still might be someone with their eyes on you when you don’t expect them to.

2.  The casino is full of freebies

More often than not, a casino is judged successful by the number of players it manages to lure into play. Thus, casinos have several freebies in gifts, bonuses, accommodation, or free cash. You might be thinking they are losing out, but that’s not the case.

The Comp System will try to stay under 20% of what we expect our loss to be to pay back some expenses with this extra money from those who know how to take care of themselves while playing blackjack. The basic strategy still works wonders even when dealing cards at drawing tables. If you want to learn more about the casino read here .

3.  It is wise to avoid provoking the casino operators

The casino expects you to act like an adult and respect other people. You cannot use profanity or make rude gestures at the dealer, floor supervisor, or pit boss if they ask you not to because it’s against their rules!

The input point is that players should know how casinos deal with foul language. But there isn’t much discussion about what happens when someone breaks these standard behaviors in gaming places. However, we know that you could be ordered to leave, and if you resist, you could win yourself a ticket to the cell.

4.  Many casinos disallow the exchange of money orders or cashier’s checks for coins

Forget about getting money orders or cashier’s checks converted into coins. The use of checks also brings out the possibility of them bouncing due to the issuer’s lack of funds. This would put the casino at a disadvantage. They would have already issued out coins or chips to the players.

5.  The form of payout used

Unless you’re a high roller, there’ll be some form for your winnings when gambling at casinos. If it’s not in cash and chips, the chances are good that they can give checks! It may even come directly from them if all else fails- ask before being paid, so nothing goes wrong unexpectedly.

A lot about winning big on slots vs. table games varies depending on where these entertainments occur; however, newsflash!

6.  It would help if you produced an identification when asked

If you’re under the age of 25, your ID must have current photos. If not, and they ask for one – don’t go anywhere! Many casinos will hold any jackpots won by their patrons until we can show our licenses are legitimate as well, which includes having a social security card or other identifying documents like an apartment lease proving residence at this location.

First things first: make sure whatever photo identification is available.

7.  If you win, casinos are unconcerned

If you are looking to play cards and win big, I have some news. Card counting or advantage players may be asked by casino management to stop playing and leave the table immediately while adjusting their strategy!

However, gaming dealers don’t mind if your team wins as long as it’s won relatively. Such nonchalance will help increase business because happy customers tell others about their experience at their establishment – especially those who tip us again on occasion. So, casino owners know what needs to be done when someone comes through with more cash than usual.

Mentioning this truth should make honest Casinos even happier since everyone wants an equal.


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