Google Photos: You can  now  remove photos from albums directly


Yes, what a breakthrough! Many Android smartphone users can now delete photos on the  Google app with just a Tap. These feature has been part of Google’s bizarre plans since its inception. Sending a snapshot stored in a picture album to the trash bin via the Google Photos app on an Android smartphone was truly impossible.

The only way to achieve this in the past was that a user had to go via the online version, which seemed quite simple on paper. It has taken Google years to close this gap. As a result, the option to remove an item from a Google Photos album surfaced.

Regrettably, the capability is only available for photographs placed in a private album and not for those in an album shared with other users. To remove photos from a shared album, go to the media library and search for them individually.

A restriction that does not exist on the PC or even in the iOS version of the software. Although Google Photos is unquestionably one of the greatest programs for managing our multimedia information on a smartphone or tablet, it is not intuitive in several respects on Android.