Kenyan ride-hailing company Little ventures into the logistics business.


Kenyan ride-hailing company Little has announced that it will enter the logistics business, according to CEO Kamal Budhabhatti. The move comes after a successful run in corporate cab hailing, which the company launched a few years ago.

“We learned and mastered the art of Corporate Ride-Hailing – and became a dominant player. Now it’s time to learn again. Launching Little Logistics. City, Intercity, and Cross border. Little App. Super excited. I can’t stop thinking about how great our team is,” Kamal said.

The company is already piloting the service with two corporate customers as it prepares to launch it commercially in June.

“We have several customers on Little who have been demanding for such service, and clearly telling us that services and products from other providers are not up to the mark compared to Little services. So, we realized the need.” Kamal explained.

The logistics business has been one of the fastest-growing, attracting highly-successful startups such as Sendy which also offers fulfilment services. Little is not offering fulfilment services for the time being.

The service will be available on both the corporate portal and the mobile app, according to Little. The program will start in major cities across the country before expanding throughout the region.

The e-cab hailing company has been doing well in its niche, competing against Uber and Bolt.