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UAE foodtech startup Grubtech expands to Egypt .

by Weddy Thuranira
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Grubtech, a leading tech and cloud kitchens management solutions provider based in the United Arab Emirates, has announced plans to launch operations in Cairo, Egypt, following successful operations in 17 markets around the world.

Grubtech, the best food technologies platform award holder in 2021, assigned Osama Harfoush as its country manager who will supervise the company’s expansion plans in Egypt and implement its strategy set for the local market.

Founded in 2019 by Mohamed El-Fayed, Mohamed Hamidi and Omar El-Refa’ie, Grubtech is a cloud and dark kitchen solutions platform that enables its clients to digitize operations and management of online food orders, providing them with marketing and sales tools as well as extending in-details data analyses for restaurants, through which contributing to decreasing their expenses and catalyzing the growth of their businesses.

“I am so pleased for launching our operations in Egypt, which is one of the most important markets in the region. Food and beverages sector in Egypt is moving on in terms of digitization and growth. There is a huge number of restaurants in the local market serving a large segment of the country’s population, which is a great opportunity for Grubtech to serve its clients through availing an easy-to-use integrated system”, said Mohamed El-Fayed, Co-Founder and CEO of Grubtech. 

El-Fayed pointed out that commencing Grubtech work in Egypt is a part of the company’s operations expansion plan, adding that Egypt has a significant number of restaurants that offer online ordering/delivery, as well as e-payments, through Point of Sales (PoS) systems.

Grubtech plans to inject 5 USD million in the Egyptian market over the coming 12-18 months, eyeing Egypt to be its hub to the African market, according to El-Fayed.

Those restaurants suffer a wide range of challenges. Grubtech bleeding-edge technology resolves all of them and provides a sign-off solution to advancing, accelerating and boosting the quality of the service delivery”, according to El-Fayed.

“Grubtech has a great opportunity to expand in the Egyptian market through establishing cooperation with many success partners, which include restaurants, aggregators and delivery service providers. Grubtech’s innovative solutions help restaurants reduce their expenses and accelerate orders delivery through one unified platform, in addition to cloud and data analysis services that enable clients to assess their operations for the better experience the Egyptian citizen deserves”, said Harfoush.

Harfoush added “The Egyptian market is huge; it contains hundreds of thousands of restaurants and has a massive potential.”

“Egyptian consumer’s experience of online food delivery implies number of challenges and complications for many restaurants. We believe that the solutions Grubtech provides for the dark kitchens will eliminate such problems and boost the inclusive experience for both client and restaurant. Thus, we plan to be a part of the food and beverage market in Egypt on the long run”, Harfoush added.

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