Facebook is developing a “privacy safe” Ad product


Facebook is reportedly in the early stages of developing an Ad product that wont rely on any anonymized personal information from users. Facebook had earlier hinted about this we are still not sure when they intend to roll out th feature.

Companies are quickly coming up with solutions in place of using p[erosna information for advertising. Google had earlier announced interests in adopting the feature for thier marketing

The feature dubbed “Basic ads” targets brand advertisers who are focused on building awareness and shape a different preception of their products. Facebbok intends to use advances in aggregation, anonymisation, on-device processing, and other privacy-preserving technologies show a clear path away from individual identifiers.

This works in a way that, instead of linking interests to unique users, we now have the ability to hide individuals in large crowds of people with common interests, while still showing them relevant and useful ads.

According to a revelation by one of the buyers, who spoke to the Insider anonymously said, Facebook will rely on basic metrics including engagement and video views to ad products in future.

Vice reported in April that Meta was working on this product and planned to have it ready to test by January in Europe, home to the strict General Data Protection Regulation; the ad buyers said it hasn’t been rolled out yet and that they’re unclear when it will. It’s expected to be tested in the US after an EU launch.

The product would seem antithetical to the targeting tools that advertisers use Facebook for. “Their ‘basic ads’ does contrast one of the biggest attributes of Facebook’s ad platform: the granular of targeting,” the first ad buyer said. “But ads that can still deliver scale while also able to usurp data regulations like CCPA and GDPR would still get dollars invested into Facebook.”according to the Insider