Facebook Meta Now Has A ‘Call’ Tab

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Facebook Meta now has a “call” tab.

Meta revealed this week that it is launching a new Calls tab for Messenger. The new tab, according to the business, will make it easier to communicate with friends and family via the app with just one swipe. The new Calls tab is now accessible on iOS worldwide, and Android users will get it in the coming weeks.

On the bottom navigation bar of the app, the new Calls tab will appear among the “Chats,” “Stories,” and “People” sections. Your contact list will open when you click on the new tab. Users had to establish a thread with a buddy to call them before this update.

The new page simplifies the process by allowing users to simply phone their pals.

Meta might use the Calls tab to present the option to folks who aren’t familiar with Messenger’s calling features. According to Meta, Messenger’s audio and video calling has increased at a quick rate, with more than 40% more daily callers currently than in early 2020.

According to the firm, over 300 million audio and video calls are made every day on Messenger throughout the world. The company also increased the duration of voice messages from one minute to 30 minutes.