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Elon Musk Admits That YouTube Has Turned Into A Nonstop Ad Scam

by Vanessa Waithera
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There are several reasons why we watch a lot of video content on YouTube.

The platform has been well-marketed, and aside from being part of the Google/Android ecosystem, it simply works and can be accessed from a variety of platforms. Furthermore, it is a shelter for video makers who continue to upload their work there.

Where, though, does it fall short?

YouTube, on the other hand, has had an ad problem. We understand that producers must be compensated, and their promotional content must be shown in order for them to earn money. At the same time, YouTube has to generate income in order to stay afloat and profitable for Alphabet, but it has gone well beyond in this respect.

Ads are at the heart of the dispute since they produce a significant amount of cash for both creators and the platform as a whole. So far, the main concern is that YouTube has gone above and above in terms of how advertisements should be handled on the network. They have grown excessive and, as a result, an annoyance to customers. It’s not clear why you shouldn’t avoid some advertisements. Worse, the platform may compel you to watch two adverts that you are unable to avoid.

These are some of the difficulties that have prompted some consumers to look for other options.

To get rid of the aforementioned concerns, you have two basic options:

  1. Install an ad blocker/YouTube Ad Blocker/browser extension on your PC.
  2. Install alternative YouTube apps for your Android/Google TV.
  3. Install alternative YouTube apps on your Android device (such as YouTube Vanced) to just avoid the ads. And get more features. However, this may not work soon because Vanced has since been ordered to stop running its project by, you guessed who, YouTube.

These worries are widespread, and Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and Space X, has reaffirmed them today. He also intends to purchase Twitter, but the deal is fraught with controversy since Twitter has been secretive about the number of bot accounts on its site, which Musk claims must be removed.

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