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Best Way To Know If Your Android’s Battery Is Healthy

by Vanessa Waithera
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Phone charging with energy bank. Depth of field on Power bank

You must occasionally check the condition of your battery because you charge your phone every day.

This enables you to learn more specific and in-depth about which programs are using up your battery. Battery life and setting location may differ depending on the phone brand.

Using an application or simply checking your phone’s settings will provide extensive information on the condition of your battery.

Step 1

Go to your phone’s Settings, then select ‘battery and device care’. Again, the location may vary depending on the phone brand.

Step 2

Once you open the battery section, look for more information, such as ‘battery usage’. Here you will get the status of your battery over the past 24 hours and which applications have been using power the most.

Step 3

You can optimise, force stop or disable. Some phone settings may allow you to adjust to your liking.

Battery optimization is enabled by default and aids battery conservation on your smartphone. When charging, don’t forget to off battery optimization.

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