You will be able to build 3D floor plans of your house using iOS 16


Apple announced a slew of new features for iOS 16 at WWDC. RoomPlan, an API for easily constructing 3D level plans using LiDAR technology, is one of them.

The LiDAR scanner will be included into Apple’s iPad Pro and iPhone 12 Pro in 2020. To refresh your memory, this is a system capable of producing lasers and then calculating the light’s return time to the sensor. It is feasible to correctly estimate the distance between an item and the gadget in this manner.

Apple’s iOS 16 and RoomPlan combine the cameras in iPhones with LiDAR technology to quickly build 3D level layouts. And, based on early reviews from the 9to5Mac website, RoomPlan seems to operate well in general. It just takes a few seconds for the 3D design of your room to be built and display to you in the shape of blocks in real time once your iPhone is oriented in the direction of the walls.

In any case, if the developers make sure to support it, this is a feature that should be highly valuable for real estate, interior design, and architectural applications. Finally, RoomPlan will be supported by iPadOS 16 as well.