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Non-Samsung smartphones will no longer support Samsung Pay

by Joseph Richard
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For a few hours, users of the Samsung Pay app have discovered that it is no longer functional on handsets made by other manufacturers.

With the help of Samsung Pay, you can conveniently and securely make online purchases without any payment restrictions. If it is a South Korean company’s application, it wasn’t previously restricted to Samsung cellphones.

Within a short time, numerous Reddit users started noticing a problem: they could not connect to Samsung Pay from their devices. Additionally, these customers have one thing in common: none of their smartphones are made by Samsung. The application would notify users of the following error: “Invalid ID” as soon as they attempted to log in.

It is now hard to determine whether this is a Samsung decision or merely the result of an unfortunate bug. As the Korean would have likely alerted its customers before taking such a step, the second alternative appears to be the more likely.

According to customer care, Samsung Pay will no longer function with non-Samsung handsets after receiving several requests. However, it is comforting to know that the users can still access their accounts even if they cannot log in to the program anymore.

In any case, Samsung just announced the return of the Samsung Wallet while we wait for an official statement from the company. It enables direct management of your credit cards and other cryptocurrencies via your Samsung smartphone.

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