The Xiaomi A2 TV presented and signifies an excellent value for the money


The A2 TV line is the latest batch of merchandise the Chinese corporation Xiaomi is sending to the world. About a year after the P1 TV line was unveiled, Xiaomi is still trying to transform our living rooms with screens with an unbeatable quality-price ratio.

The Xiaomi A2 TV line features excellent visuals thanks to its thin edges and design. However, since the Chinese company has opted to deliver exceptionally reliable performance for reasonable prices, not everything takes place just outside the chassis.

Under the hood, we have Dolby Vision, HDR10, Dolby Audio, DTS-HD, and a 4K screen. In addition, The A2 line depends on connectivity with the inclusion of Android TV 10 and the Google Assistant in addition to the claimed audiovisual quality.

The only disadvanatge with this particular model is the  VRR and HDMI 2.1  support. Therefore, it is challenging to picture purchasing a Xiaomi TV A2 to play Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5, for example, and utilize their full capabilities.

Three variants of the A2 range are offered: 43 inches ($499), 50 inches ($599), and 55 inches (699).

Sales will go live on June 28, 2022,