Is it still important! The user-generated content?


What is user-generated content?

UGC is short for user-generated content. It is a content created by a user, customer, viewer or audience about a specific brand or service, based on their personal experiences, ideas, suggestions or feedback on online digital platforms. UGC can be a product review, an image, a video, a live stream, a podcast, a testimonial, a comment, a tweet, a blog post or even an update. For example, consumer reviews in different digital formats are available on websites and social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram.

The business significance of UGC

As companies grow and expand, they’re increasingly challenged by the need to retain the attention and loyalty of their customers. In my view, a business that doesn’t have any online footprint will be out in the near future. In eCommerce marketing, on the other hand, a flashy or positive review raises the level of trust because it is considered as a social proof by the potential customers.

If your website is unable to engage the customers, it’s time to rework your strategy. The addition of UGC makes your business visible to a new audience as it is easier for users to leave feedback. In this way, UGC helps you to convert your eCommerce website into a vital asset. So, It’s time to turn your attention to the challenges. The sooner you take action; the more impactful your content will be. Without UGC, your customer service team will have to work out a lot more in finding a solution to get feedback from users without making them uncomfortable.

How UGC benefits businesses 

UGC benefits businesses in many ways by improving organic search with free Marketing content and social following. Some key benefits of UGS are as under;

Trust Building: People trust third-party reviews more than what the brand says. More than 70% of consumers consult UGC reviews and ratings while making purchasing decisions. Because the content is organic, insightful and socially integrated, it builds trust with consumers, leading to the ever-expanding growth of your business. If you haven’t displayed online reviews on your eCommerce site yet, we highly recommend you to add this option.

Enhanced conversion rate: UGC kills all doubts in the minds of your potential customers and helps increase conversion rate. Comments based on true, neutral and honest views can have an immense influence on conversion in eCommerce marketing. A strong brand with long-lasting success can’t be made with ads, in this regard UGC should not be underestimated. To win the battle of customers’ trust, nothing can beat the power of UGC.

Early warning: UGC opinions depend on what people are getting from your e-commerce site. If your delivery is good and the process is smooth then you are giving something positive to talk about and there is nothing to worry about. But if there is a problem with the delivery, packing or price of your product, people will spread negative comments, and you will not be able to stop them. This will be an early warning, and instead of taking it as a threat, immediate corrective action can be taken.


What’s important is not just to listen to your customers but also their feedback. To receive valuable feedback, you need to know the way your customers think. You can then transform these thoughts into feedback and provide value to your customers through your site. If you haven’t considered UGC in the past, we urge you to take a step back and consider the challenges and opportunities you have lost in the past. UGC is a great way to bring it together.