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Chrome for iOS gets a new menu redesign and enhanced safe browsing

Google is planning to bring chrome’s enhanced safe browsing option that will help track URLs to monitor dangerous websites on iOS. The new improvements will give users more proactive and tailored protection from phishing malware and other web-based threats to iOs.

Google announced this as part of a collection of browser updates. The feature has previously been available on Android and desktop versions of Chrome, but now Google says it’s coming to iPhone and iPad with its next iOS release.

Alongside the security upgrade, Google is improving the browser’s built-in translation feature on iOS. An updated language identification model will more accurately recognize when visiting a site in a different language that needs to be automatically translated for you to understand it.

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Google is also bringing some user interface changes to Chrome Actions, a feature that lets you access options like clearing browsing data or opening an incognito tab by typing (or speaking) into the browser’s address bar. The feature was previously available on Desktop and android and is now rolling out to iOS.

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