The Google Home App interface gets a new look


Finally, something incredible is happening for the Google Home app. Google now wants to update its application with a fair share of improvements for owners of iPhones and Android handsets.

After getting the update, it will be much easier to obtain a full picture of what’s happening in your house using the Google Home app. You may use it to set up, manage, and control all of your connected devices.

As of the writing of this article, the “Events” tab, which can be found at the bottom right of the application, will list all the events that happen in your house. You can then use a three-dot menu to disregard an event or access its information so that you can perform a verification.

 Additionally, each event is now identified with an icon, followed by a brief description and a button that provides facts about your devices to improve the application’s overall ergonomics and visual appeal.

You can get some advice from the application on improving your smart home. Additionally, the history has been moved to the screen’s upper right corner to make it simpler to access.

 In other words, this upgrade delivers a user interface that is more readable and clearer than before, making Google Home a more intuitive application than it already was.