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How to Recover Deleted Files from USB Flash Drive for Free

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Data recovery is essential for all those who use computers on a daily basis as well as for neophytes who are not immune to deletion errors. This is particularly the case on external media such as hard drives and USB keys. It is precisely on USB keys that we are going to focus to find out how to recover lost or accidentally deleted data.

The computer tool is ubiquitous today in business as in all homes. With the Internet in the background and the many uses that can be made of your computer, it is obvious that all file manipulations become sensitive. It is easy to lose data inadvertently, by erasing it for example, or due to the corruption of an external storage medium such as USB keys.

For everyday use, the existence of a USB flash drive is very important and cannot be ignored by anyone. It is small, light, and easy to carry anywhere. You can’t find a more convenient mobile storage space than USB. But of course there is always a risk that comes with it. Flash drives have two main functions; transfer data between computer devices and store important data. Unfortunately, files stored on a flash drive can become corrupted or even lost for various reasons. Faulty flash drive drivers are one of the classic reasons why the data stored on them cannot be read.

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Worn out USB connectors are more susceptible to friction and impact. As a result it can be damaged. When it’s corrupted, the files on the USB can get corrupted too. Many types of viruses and malware can also cause damage to data loss on the USB. Once your USB is exposed to a malicious virus, you will have little chance to look back at the data stored on it.

In short, there are various scenarios why the data that we believe is stored safely on our USB can be lost or damaged. Now the question is can we recover them?

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That is what we will answer in this article! In this article we will discuss about how we can recover corrupted or lost files in a USB flash drive. Curious? Keep reading!

Unlike when we experience data loss on PC local drive, we will not find deleted data in recycle bin in case of USB flash drive. Many people think that once they lose the data in their USB flash drive, they have lost it for good.

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But you should understand that when you delete a file from a USB, or format it, the data on it will not be deleted forever. They will stay there before they are oppressed by other data. In most cases, not adding any new data when you realize that your data has been lost is the key to success (in data recovery on a USB flash drive).

You need software capable of recovering deleted or corrupted data on your USB drive!

In this article we will focus on this. You need to have reliable data recovery software that is able to work properly on your USB. Based on our experience, we can boldly recommend iBeesoft Data Recovery software. iBeesoft Free Data Recovery is the best free data recovery software.

What is iBeesoft FreeData Recovery software?

This is great software that allows you to recover corrupted or lost data on your USB flash drive for free. There is no doubt about that! This software is capable of handling various scenarios including corrupted/lost data due to virus infection, accidental deletion, formatting, and various improper handling related to USB usage.

In other words, the free USB data recovery software can solve the case of lost/corrupted data on USB completely. In other contexts, this software can also function well when faced with the same case on the PC’s local drive. Now you need to understand how you can operate this tool?

Here are the steps you have to go through to recover damaged/lost data on your USB flash drive:

  1. You need to download the software and because of its compact interface, you will have no difficulty in carrying out the download process. You can download it for free and follow the quick guide to launch it right away.
  2. After you launch the program, you are advised to select which files you feel are missing. If you want to recover any files in your USB flash drive then you need to tick ‘All File Types’ and proceed by clicking ‘Start’. Then you are required to select a device. In the software interface you will see the icon of your flash drive. You have to select it and click ‘Scan’ to extract and recover files on the USB.
  3. You’ve scanned, and now it’s time for a preview before you actually recover your target files. Once the scan has been performed you will see a list of previously “lost” files. You must now select them and proceed by clicking on ‘Restore’ to restore and save them on your PC’s local drive or another external drive.

If you cannot find the file you are looking for, you can use the ‘Deep Scan’ option that appears at the top of the window. You should be aware that this option will take more time but you can rely on it as it is very thorough. If you have found your target files, do not use the Deep Scan option. You don’t need it.


iBeesoft is truly reliable software in all situations. You can rely on this because from various surveys that have been conducted among users, iBeesoft has a recovery success rate of up to 99.68%. Broadly speaking, the free version for Mac and Windows has no difference other than that the Mac version is only capable of recovering a maximum of 500 MB of data. If you have a Mac, you can try the free data recovery for Mac. Hopefully this article was useful for you.

Thanks for reading and have a good try!

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