Wednesday, August 10, 2022
Wednesday, August 10, 2022
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How to fix your Apple Books app not working on iPhone

by Joseph Richard
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The Apple Books program users have been dealing with a specific issue since iOS 15.5 was released. The Books app is unquestionably handy for readers. You may explore a wide selection of books and audiobooks at your convenience from your iPhone.

Unfortunately, a lot of frequent users of the Books app have had some issues ever since Apple published iOS Update 15.5. Numerous people have recently voiced their displeasure with the App Store. Every time it was launched, the reading app with the apple logo would crash, making it impossible to use.

Apple has not yet made a new version of its software available to the general public. But it seems that a patch for Apple Books is presently on its way. However, the 9to5Mac media provides us with a remedy that could help the issue while we wait for it to be implemented.

First, you need to install iOS 15.6’s public beta on your smartphone and then Launch the webpage on your iPhone or iPad.Next, Sign in with your Apple ID>> Tap “Get Started” on the front page of the website>>Locate the “register your iOS device” link under the “iOS” or “iPad’s” tab.

Follow the instructions to download and install the profile that will activate the iOS 15.6 beta update for your device. Generally speaking, installing a beta version of the program is not advised. But because iOS 15.6’s public beta is significantly more stable than iOS 16 and only introduces small changes, it could be a viable way to get around the Apple Books issues.

Proceed with caution⚠️

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