The AM4 platform could get another Ryzen 5000X3D instead of Zen 4.


A rather unexpected report from a few days back said that AM4 CPUs based on Zen 4 architecture would be released. If the situation is not entirely improbable, a fresh rumor surfaces to disprove it and demand other methods for renewing AM4.

Ready there are several sources that claim, citing several reliable sources, that AMD might potentially make better use of its 3D Vertical Cache technology to improve the aging platform.

In April of last year, we evaluated the Ryzen, seven 5800X3D, the first CPU to have this technology, and found that it performed very well, particularly in video games. Therefore, it is said that AMD will increase this range by introducing additional references.

Among the advanced courses, we would discuss Ryzen 5 5600X3D, Ryzen 9 5900X3D, and maybe Ryzen 9 5950X3D. The last two would have an enormous 200 MB (L2 + L3) cache. This might provide an inexpensive CPU that is excellent for video games on the side of the 5600.