Huawei debuts luxury SUV, the AITO M7 with smart Harmony OS features and over 1000km range


AITO, the jointly developed brand of HUAWEI and SERES introduced their new car, the M7 SUV at HUAWEI’s summer new product launch.

The vehicle marks the second production model from AITO after the M5.

The luxury SUV offers six seats in three rows. With the push of a button, the Zero Gravity Seats in the second row extend to place passengers in the most comfortable position.

Zero gravity seats

Huawei is in charge of the audio system, which has 19 – 1000 watts – speakers set up in 7.1 surround sound. There is even a choice to play sounds from outside the car, basically converting it into a massive boombox that would be ideal for suburban camping vacations.

It has a 15.6″ 2K HDR center control panel and a 10.25″ curved LCD instrument cluster display. Both use Huawei’s Harmony OS. The infotainment system be mirrored on any Huawei smartphone and provide users complete control over both the phone and the car at the same time. The Xiaoyi smart assistant can be used to schedule appointments, find parking, and even provide advice on ways to improve health and safety. It can also provide updates on road and traffic conditions for drivers.

Additionally, your smart watch or smartphone can serve as the car key thanks to Harmony OS.

The M7 comes with a karaoke feature complete with a wireless professional mic backed by DSP chip and ultra-low latency to become the ultimate family car.

Under the hood, there’s built-in generator which kicks in to recharge when the battery running low. The generator is based on a combustion engine which is not connected to the wheels at all. With a full gasoline tank and batteries, the combined range is 1,220 km (758 miles).

The vehicle is offered in six different colors and two trim levels: rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive.

Smart watch keyless entry

The rear-wheel-drive model has a combined range of 1,100 km and a battery-electric range of 195 km. The battery-electric WLTC range of the four-wheel-drive trim is 165 km, while the combined range is 1,000 km.

There are three versions of the AITO M7 available – Comfort, Deluxe and Ultimate. The prices start at RMB 319,800 ($47,790) for the Comfort model, Deluxe starts at RMB 339,800 ($50,780) and the Ultimate starts at RMB 379,800 ($56,760). With 10,000 orders in just 2 hours it seems Huawei and AITO have convinced enough people to turn the M7 into a runaway success.