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Twitter Imitates Instagram by Introducing the CoTweet Feature

Twitter will soon have a feature that is popular on Instagram.

Twitter will soon allow co-authoring of postings thanks to the CoTweet functionality that the business is currently testing. Since the end of last year, this function has been under testing, and now Twitter is making it available to a select group of users. Since last year, Instagram has offered this option.

Similar to what Instagram does with its Collab function, the CoTweet feature will let you co-author a post, and the two accounts involved will both be tagged in the tweet. Twitter is looking at new opportunities for user collaboration. The business is interested in how regular users and brands will make use of this capability.

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What It does:

You can invite someone else to be tagged in a tweet using the CoTweet function. The composer has a profile icon that you can use to add people. You may search for a user to tag by tapping on it.

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The second user will need to authorize the tweet, same as Instagram. The original author of the tweet will get replies. The only information in the tweet will be the original author’s handle, even on embedded tweets.

It has a nice appearance.

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As with Instagram’s collab tool, couples will frequently utilize this function to collaborate with brands and influencers.

I found this to be amusing.

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