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Sambaza Tokens Will Be Introduced by Kenya Power

by Vanessa Waithera
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What would you do if you could share Kenya Power tokens the same way you share Sambaza data bundles or airtime?

The electricity company is preparing just this for its consumers. The offering will primarily target pre-paid clients, according to a Business Daily story. The device was created by Numeral IoT, a business. Its headquarters are in Nairobi, and Kenya Power has now granted it permission to launch the service, although as a test.

The app will be useful in a variety of circumstances. Sharing power tokens with friends and family is one of them, as was previously stated. The second is an individual who buys tokens in a rental home before abruptly leaving, leaving his unit behind. They can transfer the tokens to their new home using the sharing option.

The past several months have been busy for Kenya Power.

Already, more than 67K smart meters have been deployed. By the conclusion of the current fiscal year, 75K smart meters for SMEs are expected to be installed. The smart meters are tools created to assist Kenya Power in reducing losses incurred in its present system, addressing flaws from leaks to unauthorized connections.

They are set up in collaboration with Safaricom. According to the telecom, the exercise would cost KES 32 billion. These smart meters are connected to transformers, distribution feeders, and customers whose use exceeds 200 kilowatts. In addition, Kenya Power has made plans to introduce Lit Fibre, a fixed internet service. The launch date is June 2023.

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