iPhone 14 Camera lenses are broken- How will these impact its launch event?


September is fast approaching when the Cuppertinno brand will be expected to announce its new iPhone 14 series. Even with the dates counting down, there appear to be glitches with the camera section that many hope will not delay its shipments.

 According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (Ming-Chi Kuo) of Bloomberg, Apple’s manufacturing of the iPhone 14 has run into difficulty. It is mentioned that certain copies of the primary camera lens’s glass are broken. This has resulted in Apple moving its orders to another vendor.

Problematic lenses were found to be produced by the Genius firm. The insider mentions the glass coating’s quality as the cause, but she doesn’t go into more detail. To avoid issues when the smartphone goes on sale come September.

It is believed that Apple has already more than ordered more than 10 million lenses. There is still time until the launch, and it seems that no delays are anticipated. If this does not affect the business, in 2022/2023, Team cook and His team intend to sell devices from the new line in much higher quantities than they did with the iPhone 13.

In September, the iPhone 14 series will be launched by Apple