Google Photos Makes It Simple To Locate Screenshots


It seems that rather than blatantly introducing new capabilities, Google has concentrated on making the Photos app simpler to use. For instance, the most recent upgrade made it easier to share several photographs through a slide-out card at the bottom. Finding and viewing screenshots has been considerably simpler with a recent update to Photos.

If you long-press the Google Photos icon, you should notice a new option labelled “View screenshots” if you’ve updated to Photos version 5.97 or later. You may easily see or share all of your photos from a single page by tapping, which immediately brings you to the Screenshots folder on your smartphone. With the small change, there is no longer a requirement to search through the several folders listed under the Library page or to exclude screenshots using the search field.

If you often access screenshots, you may remove one more step from the process by dragging the shortcut from the menu and placing it on your home screen.

The previous comparable shortcut, which shows at the top of your main photo grid and quickly takes you to your most recent screenshots, was launched in March. With this, it appears that Google has been promoting screenshots, and for good reason: if you forget to do something with a screenshot right away (altering, sharing, or even deleting), you can easily retrieve it fast using one of the two shortcuts and get on with your task at hand.