Gamic Guild Launches Gameathon – Africa’s First Crypto Gaming Event


 Gamic Guild, a platform focused on giving users a diverse catalogue of NFT games to play while also earning is set to introduce gamers to blockchain gaming by hosting “Gameathon”, the biggest play-to-earn video game tournament in Africa.

Gamic Guild is the largest play-to-earn gaming guild in Africa, currently creating multiple economic earning opportunities for gamers through playing blockchain games.

 Gameathon is an Esports tournament created to connect millions of gamers around the world while introducing the play-to-earn gaming experience to the African audience. 

Set to be streamed online across multiple platforms on Saturday, August 13, 2022, this massive virtual gaming event will attract the best blockchain gamers and guilds across Africa and globally. 

The Gameathon tournament grand finale will be hosted and live-streamed virtually and will consist of different spellbinding matches and sessions where gamers will battle to clinch the top spot for bragging rights and massive cash prizes.

For the first time in Africa, young gamers can earn as much as $10,000 in a month from playing games as Gamic Guild breaks down the barriers limiting Africans from accessing several rewarding opportunities on the blockchain.

 Also passionate about equality and fairness, Gamic Guild is building a growing gender-inclusive community of gamers for young men and young women. 

Don’t miss the life-changing opportunity to become a part of a gaming community that actually pays you to play games. Join over 17,000 members and over 8000 active gamers to maximize the best revenue-generating opportunities of a lifetime.