Cybersecurity distributor Dolos launches in Africa

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South Africa-based cybersecurity specialist Dolos, previously Panda Security Africa has launched in Africa and the Middle East to deliver cyber security solutions to its partners in Africa and the Middle East.

Dolos has a distinct value proposition for MSPs/MSSPs with a flexible programme, a powerful and diverse product portfolio and an ecosystem of technology integrations that enable our partners to leap ahead of the pack in an increasingly competitive and growing marketplace.

The company delivers the most relevant, technologically advanced, cloud-centric security offerings while collaborating with its partners through expert pre-sales consulting services and constructive product marketing support. This is enhanced with extensive cyber security experience, dedicated assistance and a joint go-to-market approach. It also forms a part of a distribution group that includes Dax Data, a specialized distributor for Adobe solutions in Sub-Saharan Africa.

“The success of our channel partners is our success; as a dedicated cyber security distributor, we deliver on our motto of security excellence,” said Jeremy Matthews, Chief Executive Officer.

Dominic Richardson, Chief Marketing Officer says, “This change to Dolos has also allowed us to expand our portfolio from a pure endpoint security-focused vendor to now delivering a full suite of cyber security solutions. Expect to see more additions in the future as we build our portfolio to complement the existing offerings,”

He adds, ” the name Dolo’s which is inspired by the robust concrete structures that protect the coastlines of South Africa epitomizes the role of our solutions, providing unyielding protection from the dynamic and unique cyber security challenges faced by every organization”

Dolos has been appointed as WatchGuard’s master distributor for Africa and will offer its entire portfolio of solutions, including Network Security, Multi-factor Authentication and Secure Wi-Fi, as well as continuing to offer Panda Security’s popular endpoint security technology.