Soon, You’ll Be Able To Exit WhatsApp Groups Without The Other Users Knowing


The privacy settings on WhatsApp are changing.

The business wants to make it simpler for users to leave WhatsApp groups privately without informing the remaining members. One of the qualities of WhatsApp groups that I have never understood is this.

According to WhatsApp’s future updates, only group admins will now receive notifications when a user quits a group. The adjustments should be implemented during the next several weeks or months. This is much better, however, I don’t believe that leaving a group should trigger any message.

Notifying other group members when you join such groups is never the proper move because you may wish to quit them without a fuss.

Additionally, WhatsApp intends to make it challenging to capture screenshots of images or videos that have the ‘View Once’ media setting activated. The business stated that “We’ll keep developing innovative ways to protect your communications and make them as private and secure as face-to-face chats.”

These are all a part of the privacy adjustments that WhatsApp will be making in the upcoming months.