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How do Online Paraphrasing Tools Assist in Content Writing?

Content writing is a demanding task nowadays. Digital marketing has become so popular that standard marketing is now being called “traditional marketing” which only means that content writers have more work to do than ever.

However, simultaneously advancements in technology mean that writers get to rely on content optimization tools. One such tool known as the paraphrasing tool is particularly good at relieving some of the burdens on a writer’s shoulders.

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Paraphrases are online tools that can rewrite text by using different words, and phrases and changing the sentence structure.  This is very useful for a variety of reasons as you will find out later.

Content writers can utilize paraphrasers to recycle their old content (or parts of it) and create new content. Now, we are going to look at some ways in which paraphrasers can assist in content writing.

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How do Online Paraphrasers Assist in Content Writing?

There are plenty of ways in which paraphrasers can assist in content writing, but we are going to check out only some of them.

1.     Decreases Reading Difficulty

In content writing one of the most important things is to make the content easy to read. The content should be easy enough to be read and understood by a thirteen-year-old and a post-graduate expert as well.

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This is not that easy however, making the content too easy makes it boring to read while making it harder excludes a large portion of the intended audience. Both outcomes are bad for marketing.

And that’s where paraphrasers come in. A lot of paraphrasing tools employ artificial intelligence (AI) to rephrase the text. This means that they are capable of understanding the context and using words and phrases that are relatively easier to read.

If a writer is having some trouble making their content easier to read, they can simply get assistance from a sentence rephraser. All they need to do is simply run the difficult parts of their write-up through the tool and voila! More readable text is ready.

Utilizing paraphrasers efficiently can be regarded as a skill. There may be many unethical applications of paraphrasers, but there are just as many legitimate ones too.

2.     Enrich the Vocabulary

Content writers are always looking for new ways to write about things in more interesting and attractive manners. As writers, their only choice is to use exquisite wording and smoothly flowing sentences.

However, various reasons such as stress, writer’s block, or simple tiredness can dull the brain. But deadlines do not wait for anyone and as such writers have to force themselves to keep writing even in such situations. This results in some poorly written content with very drab vocabulary. But there is a way to rectify this as well.

Getting assistance from a paraphraser can compensate for the writer’s own (temporary) dullness. Paraphrasing tools have a huge library of words and phrases to pull from. They can use a different synonym each time the same word is repeated in the text.

If they are AI-powered then this ability becomes even more powerful, as they can keep the context in mind and use the most suitable synonym in each situation.

This makes the overall content much richer in terms of vocabulary and such content is always a treat to read. Which is ultimately good for user engagement.

3.     Change the Tone

Content writing is done for many purposes and for many different types of audiences. Understandably, not every person likes the same writing style. Depending on the age and interests of the audience what tone a writer uses can vary quite a bit.

Sometimes the content is supposed to have a formal tone because it is written for executives in business settings. Other times it is supposed to be casual because the audience is younger and more outgoing.  

Paraphraser can assist in changing the tone of previously written content so that it resonates with another type of audience. This is possible with specific paraphrasing tools that come with options to change the tone. In the example below you can see that the tool has a mode for rewriting text in a formal tone.

Other tools which have more options available also exist, though they might require premium upgrades.

In this way, paraphrasing tools can be utilized to recycle older content and make it relevant to a different demographic.

4.     Unique Content Creation

Content writing becomes a little bit harder day by day. There are only so many things that one can say about a topic. However, with the demand for content skyrocketing, content writers are forced to come up with new and unique ideas to expound upon.

But they can only do so much before they hit their mental limit. But there is another way of making sure that the content created is unique. That is to get help from paraphrasing tools.

A Paraphrase Online can help in creating unique content in more ways than one. For starters, they can give new ideas for article titles. Not all synonyms mean exactly the same thing, so it is entirely possible that a paraphraser may give you a new title that is unique.

Another method of utilizing paraphrasers for unique content is to run parts of the content through it. Those parts will be rewritten in a different tone and style using completely new words.

Some AI paraphrasers even take the liberty of adding previously non-existent details during their rewriting process. Although this is usually unwelcomed, sometimes it serves as an inspiration and helps a writer inject freshness into their content.


Paraphrasing is a great technique that writers utilize to make their writing more interesting and engaging. Manually paraphrasing text is very good when it comes to personalization, but it is significantly consuming in various ways.

Paraphrasing tools on the other hand are very fast and require no brain power, except during editing. They have a number of advantages and use cases that writers can benefit from.

James Musoba
James Musoba
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