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Top Android Application  To Install On Your Smartphone Right Now

by Joseph Richard
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TechMorans editorial team has again chosen its top apps over the last seven days. If you need an application that will help you remember your day to day activities, Trade Crypto Coins or even Enjoy some online game, these are the best apps you should have.

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Get administrative back-to-school errands done, trade cryptocurrencies, place sports wagers without losing your money, and enjoy a strategic game. These are the subjects that this weekly selection covers.


If you want to transfer large files between your phone and Your computer AirDroid application is the one to choose immediately. The Application utilizes the Wi-Fi network and enables web-based smartphone manager access. The files.APK makes it possible to export or install apps, read and write SMS messages from a computer, and execute various other tasks. Try it Right Now

Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan is the correct Application for scanning your documents and turning them into PDF Files. The Application utilizes OCR technology—text recognition- to go through your documents by recognizing characters from a physical paper and their conversion into a digital typeface.


You may easily manage your Portfolio of cryptocurrency assets using the famous  MetaMask Chrome plugin. Only Ethereum may be used to reload this wallet, which can also be financed by transfer, credit card, or transfer from another address. Including Chrome in the compatibility of decentralized apps that utilize the blockchain through an extension sets MetaMask apart from other crypto-wallets.

Among Us

Among Us, Its gameplay is endless, with three different maps and countless ways to apprehend them for both sides. It is simple in terms of game mechanics as a crew member but highly complex in terms of its psychological aspect, where bluffing and manipulation will be the watchwords of the impostors

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