WhatsApp is considering adding the ability to recover lost communications


Soon, all WhatsApp users will be able to benefit from a new function that lets them retrieve deleted messages. But now, it’s not entirely apparent what these restoration methods will be.

You may remove messages from chats using the WhatsApp instant messaging software. It does not allow for the restoration of any of them that could have been unintentionally (or willfully) erased, and she didn’t permit it, at least. There is a restore option in the most recent WhatsApp beta for iOS and Android (

Just for texts marked “removed for me,” The message may be shown thanks to an “Undo” button, as shown in the screenshot. Note that only “deleted for me” messages currently have access to this option. Those who have been “removed for all” are unaffected.

The longevity of this feature is yet unknown. Reminder: You may only delete a message sent in a private or group discussion within an hour of sending it. Some beta testers presently have access to this message restoration capability. Within a few weeks, it will undoubtedly be prevalent.