iOS 16 features will be available in Apple Music for Android


In many ways, Android users do not have the same rights as iOS users if, in 2022, Apple Music for iOS integrates all the anticipated capabilities into an audio streaming application.

 Apple prioritizes its platforms, and it never appears eager to imitate the innovations that have arrived on the iPhone and iPad to appease its subscribers who have access to rival handsets. However, the code of the most recent beta of Apple Music for Android suggests that things could get better, at least in the coming weeks.

The first innovation is the ability to tag your favourite musicians, who will be put on a special list so you can discover them more quickly. Thus, customers may get notifications from Apple Music when one of their favourite bands or singers launches a new album.

The streaming service would also utilize this list to enhance its recommendation system. Additionally, Apple Classical could come to Android. This service would be a development of the Primephonic platform, which Apple purchased in 2021 and is devoted to transmitting classical music as its name implies.

The company plans to give out a specialized iOS app to its members. It is unknown whether it will prefer this same technique on Android or just add this vintage repertoire to the original application.